Volunteer spotlight: Ariel Alibey


Enchanted Closet is a nonprofit organization with a goal: give prom dresses to impoverished high school girls in Atlanta so they will not miss out on a teenage rite of passage.

Chanel Rogers, Enchanted Closet’s program development coordinator, has helped the organization in its growth.

Enchanted Closet is focused on growing its volunteer base and it encourages people to not only donate a dress but to donate their time as well. 

Danielle Alibey (L) and Ariel Alibey (R) before Danielle's Prom Photo by Jessica Goodman
L to R: Danielle Alibey, Ariel Alibey before Danielle’s Prom. Photo by Jessica Goodman.

“We really rely on volunteers to help out at our Enchanted Closet boutiques, host dress drives in their communities and help out with our other programs and events,” said Rogers.

Ariel Alibey, a senior at Georgia College and State University, is an avid volunteer for the nonprofit.

“Growing up in Alpharetta, I never knew anyone who was poor or at a disadvantage,” said Alibey. “When I went to college, I learned how many people are not as privileged as I have been.”

Enchanted Closet’s mission to empower underprivileged girls and give them the opportunity to feel like every other high school student for one night is a goal that resonates with volunteers.“I have three younger sisters who are in middle and high school. If my family were in a situation like that of the girls Enchanted Closet aims to help, I would hope that someone would volunteer to help us,” said Alibey.

A volunteer favorite is the Enchanted Closet Prom Dress Giveaway, where girls go to get their perfect head-to-toe prom look.

“When I volunteered at the Prom Dress Giveaway, I had the position of make-up and beauty consultant. I helped the girls find the perfect hair and make-up combination for them on their special night,” Alibey said. “I have never seen so much joy and excitement from something I deemed so minor. It was definitely a day I will never forget.”


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