KSUNewsNow.com to launch Oct.1


KSU News Now Editor

 KSU’s newest media outlet KSUNewsNow.com will officially launch Oct. 1.

KSU News Now is an update to KennesawCommunication.com, the website that featured the print and video work of KSU’s communication student body. Looking to stand out as a purely news-related medium, the communication department wanted a newer website with a more appropriate name and a stronger focus on the work of its journalism and citizen media students.

“We wanted a website name that more clearly emphasized that this was a news website,” said Dr. Carolyn Carlson, journalism professor and KSU News Now’s faculty advisor. “It’s more specific.” cropped-100_52731.jpg

In hopes of appealing to a broader demographic, the articles, videos, audio podcasts, photographs, graphics and multi-media packages created and edited by KSU’s journalism students will feature the latest news concerning KSU and the metro Atlanta area.

“We are hoping for greater participation from all the journalism and citizen media classes that produce original work,” Carlson said. “We think KSUNewsNow.com will attract a greater readership.”

Like Kennesaw Communication, Carlson said KSU News Now is still very committed to publishing the very best in KSU student work.

“I feel confident that only the best student work will be featured,” Carlson furthered explained.




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