The Church at Chapel Hill, Transit Student Ministries to present Halloween “freakshow”


DOUGLASVILLE, Ga.— On Oct. 30 and 31 at 7 p.m., The Church at Chapel Hill and Transit Student Ministries will present “Freakshow: The Rebellion.”  This production is a 45-minute dramatic presentation of what happens when sin enters the lives of believers and non-believers according to the Christian faith.

Through the premise of a traveling circus-like freak show, performers will become the tangible forms of sin and showcase what their lives have become while serving the lead role, the Ringmaster. The storyline will focus on the freaks’ desire to flee the grasp of their captor while paying special attention to the relationship between the lead and his very first and favorite freak: Marionette. Like a marionette puppet, Marionette is easily manipulated and controlled by those around her.

Transit’s student director, Meiko Seymour, is the mastermind behind the production. Seymour co-wrote this production at his previous church, Mainstream Orlando, more than seven years ago with Sonia Figueroa. The purpose and vision of this student-based production is to present the gospel of Jesus Christ through creative ministry. Now being showcased in three churches in two states, Figueroa and Seymour’s vision has come to pass.

Transit student, Brittany Stento, will play Marionette in this year’s production. Stento has participated in “Freakshow: The Rebellion” for the past two years as a dancer. She also had the chance to watch the Mainstream Orlando presentation back in 2009.

“I would like for people to come who wouldn’t normally come to church to see that church isn’t there to judge them or make them feel bad about themselves,” said Stento. “We want them to see God and sin differently.”

Jonah Limbert will reprise his role as the Ringmaster this year. With previous experience in commercials, dramas, plays and popular television shows like “The Vampire Diaries,” Limbert is a well-rounded performer. Limbert looks forward to interacting with a live audience once again. Limbert particularly enjoys this role because it is an opportunity to tap into a character that is much different than him.

“I am passionate about this part because it’s a challenge for me,” said Limbert. “The Ringmaster is incredibly deceitful and cruel to the people around him.”

Seymour began preparation for this event nearly a year ago. With the help of his student intern and co-director, Anna Peterson, Seymour has re-developed the story for this year’s production. Peterson and Seymour has begun rehearsals with a cast of 30-40 dancers and actors. Both Peterson and Seymour’s favorite part of production is the rehearsal times with the cast.

“My favorite part is being able to pour into students and build relationships with them (the cast) as we rehearse and get ready for the show,” said Seymour.

Cast members will be required to memorize lines, blocking and choreography to present each week at their rehearsals. Simultaneously, volunteer-based teams such as stage design, costuming, make-up, lighting and audio production will begin their prep work for the dress rehearsals that will take place the week before the presentation.

Filled with suspense, humor and engaging antics, “Freakshow: The Rebellion” will soon bring a different kind of sideshow to the west Atlanta community.

For more information concerning this event, you can contact The Church at Chapel Hill via its website:



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