Fun times with Kayree


ATLANTA — A person looking to go out on the town and have some fun can become easily overwhelmed with all Atlanta’s night life has to offer.

Despite the flood of competition in Atlanta’s night life, owner and founder of Kayree Entertainment Kevin Andre Reeves, 41, continues to attract large numbers among the trendy 25-and-up crowd to his events. What is his secret?

“No. 1 is that I put people in a position where people feel like they know me,” Reeves said.  “Whether that’s through the Facebook group that I have — or Facebook period. And then at the events that they come out to I make myself assessable. I’m always introducing myself. I feel as though people are more comfortable attending an event they were invited to by someone they know.”

People coming out to support one of Reeves’ events can count on being welcomed by his warm smile, an excited happy-to-see-you greeting of “Heyyy!” and engaging small talk conversation.

Reeves’ supporters agree that this is why they continue to choose his events over others in Atlanta.

“It’s the relationships that I’ve had the opportunity to build with Kevin and other people in his network,” marketing professional Krystal Giles said.  “There’s always something to do, you always have such a good time and it’s always cost-efficient for the most part. But most of it has to do with that relationship I was able to build with him.”

Giles met Reeves in March 2012 at a meet-and-greet for his Facebook group Honest Announcements. She said he seemed to be a very down-to-earth person which is one of the reasons why she supports him.

The second reason that Kayree Entertainment stand out among its competition is that the events are uniquely themed.

Reeves also coordinates group activities for people to participate in, including game nights, picnics and much more.

Tosha Pittman, Reeves’ girlfriend, said what attracted her to join Reeve’s network is the traveling opportunities she heard he provided. This was before she met him.

“I was running out of friends to travel with,” Pittman said. “A lot of my friends are married, have kids and so they don’t go out a lot. I figured the only way to get to know everyone was to go out and meet them.”

Pittman, who is a budget analyst for the National Guard, met Reeves more than a year ago when she joined his Facebook group.

Reeves started the Atlanta-based event planning and marketing company while he was still working a full-time job.

Kayree Entertainment has always been a passion of his since he started it back in 2007 while working for a health insurance company as a sells representative.

Reeves has been working for his entertainment company full time now for 15 months. This decision came after he was laid off from his full-time job.

Even though his company did not afford him the opportunity to live off it economically, an entrepreneur at heart, he started putting all of his time and energy into the company.

“I worked years in corporate America making other companies’ money,” Reeves said. “And I wanted to have some control to be able to do it myself.”

Today, Kayree Entertainment has three major events that occur annually, including parties celebrating New Year’s Eve, Halloween and Mardi Gras.

More recently, Reeves has become more active in promoting smaller events and nightclubs so people can have more things to do — also uniquely themed.

Going forward, Reeves wants to get bigger and better. He said his main goal is to make his events larger and more well-known, not only throughout Atlanta but throughout the nation.

While Reeves loves what he does for a living and continues to have success, he said the business is not without its challenges. According to Reeves, the greatest challenge is failing and having an unsuccessful event.

“If people feel your event is not worthwhile you stand a very high risk of losing money,” Reeves said. “Sometimes if you give them too much they don’t want it. And when they do want it, you’re not giving enough — the struggle is real.”

Reeves once lost $5,000 on an event that failed.

Despite the occasional setback, Reeves is committed to working hard to get what he wants out of life.

“You are your own motivation,” Reeves said. “I realize that I have to work hard for what I want in this world. Hard work — you hear it all the time. Sometimes you don’t actually realize it until you’re doing it though.”

Most nights, Reeves does not get home until 3 a.m. or later.

“I love what I do. I thank God for all that He’s giving me and ask Him to show me what his purpose is for my life,” Reeves said. “Throwing parties is not my purpose. Bringing people together is … and I’m happy about that.”



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