Radio morning show host Bill Maine, daughter spill behind-the-scenes details


KENNESAW, Ga. – Bill Maine is a host for the morning radio show on WDUN-AM/FM based out of Gainesville, Ga. Maine’s official job title is the director of radio operations for WDUN-AM/FM and 1240 ESPN radio.

Maine said he figured out that he wanted to work in radio when he was the disk jockey for a school dance at age 16.

“My ego loved it,” he said.

Maine jokes around and says that being a DJ was a great way to entertain a crowd without having to be extremely talented. He is also a huge music buff and found that being a radio DJ would suit him perfectly.

Maine got his start by volunteering at Brenau University, formerly known as Brenau College. Soon after he landed a part-time job at the very same radio station he works for now. Maine continued as a part-time worker for the station from high school through college, eventually landing a full-time job soon after he graduated.

Maine has been doing his morning show, “The Bill and Joel Morning Show,” for the past 22 years. His daily routine for work?

“I wake up at 3:30 a.m., I’m at work by 4:30, and I’m live on the air at 5:30, but work really begins when the show is over,” he said.

After the show, he goes from air personality to radio operations director by checking the computers and making sure the computer automation runs perfectly, but that’s not all he does. Maine is also in charge of promotions, syndicated shows and legal paperwork.

“It is very important to make sure our commercials, promotions and contests are legal, moral and ethical. That’s where I come in to make sure everything is in line,” he said.

Maine’s daughter, 22-year-old KSU student Kelsey Maine, said she enjoys having a well-known father.

“It was always fun until my teachers would listen to the morning show and know all of my business,” she said.

Maine laughs and says how she made for great stories on the air. .

However, Maine’s job is not all work and no fun. He has been able to promote in many different places such as Turner Field and different 5K locations.

Kelsey Maine adds, “I had so much fun going to promotions with my dad when I was younger. It was a cool feeling.”

Maine has had a lot of fun experiences on his job but the best was “to be able to follow the Olympic torch in 1996,” he said enthusiastically.

He also gets to interview quite a few people for his morning show: Tara Lipinksi, Cindy Williams, Daryl Hall, Uncle Kracker and Donald Trump to name a few.

“My favorite interview for the show was Alan Thicke from ‘Growing Pains.’ He had a great personality and was very witty,” Maine said smiling.

The best part of his job?

“I love making people smile and entertaining them. I love meeting new people and the people I work with are great.”

The worst part of the job?

“Hello?! Remember when I said I have to wake up at 3:30 a.m.?” Maine said laughing.

At least he is a good sport about it.


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