Professional bodybuilder helps general public become fit


ROSWELL, Ga. — When Roswell fitness center owner Roc Shabazz first entered the bodybuilding world, he was told he could never be a professional bodybuilder because of his small frame.

However, Shabazz’s determination to become a pro was greater than the discouragement he was receiving in the industry. He decided to go after his dream and asked Lee Haney, a former Mr. Olympia, to be his trainer.

“To be the best you must train with the best,” Shabazz said.  “After graduating from Jackson State University with a bachelor’s degree in business management, I decided to look for Lee Haney and ask him for a job. I moved to Georgia and found Haney and started working at his gym in downtown Atlanta.”

Shabazz started training day in and out and eventually earned his professional status after winning a national show in 2004. He went on to win a professional show at the Phoenix Pro competition in 2010 and competed twice in Olympia placing as high as sixth place.

In October 2007, Shabazz and his wife Gina Shabazz opened up Fitness Pros Wellness Center in Roswell.

“I opened up the wellness center with the purpose of reaching out to the community,” Shabazz said. “I wanted to take all the knowledge I acquired as a professional bodybuilder and teach it to the general public. At the wellness center, we focus on creating a plan around your responsibilities.

“If you have a plan on how you are going to eat, a plan on how you are going to exercise, a plan on how you are going to recover and a plan on how you are going to go about your day; nine out 10 times you will be successful. We create a lifestyle that is sustainable so that you can achieve your fitness goals.”

Many of the people who train at Fitness Pros Wellness Center are regular people who have children, a spouse and a full-time job. It shows that with the right tools, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is only a matter of consistency and dedication.

Gina Shabazz said, “We have different schedules to choose from. We offer a training session at five, six, seven, and nine in the morning. However, starting October 1, we will also be adding a 5:30 p.m. and a 7:00 p.m. session for those who can’t make it early in the morning. Regardless of the time you choose, you will have fun doing it, and you will see the results.”

Besides the community outreach, Shabazz also offers athlete training. He trains many bodybuilding competitors and professional athletes such as football players Ray Lewis, Shannon Sharpe and Al Harris at his wellness center.

The Fitness Pros Wellness Center has been able to change the lives of hundreds of people. The Shabazzes have accomplished more than 100 transformations at their center with nutritional and workout plans that accommodate their clients’ schedule.

Roc Shabazz is living proof that you can achieve your goals if you set your mind to it and focus on the actions that will create results.


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