Australian woman brings attention to global charities through ‘Love In Other Languages’


Hannah Truscott was born and raised in Queensland, Australia. At the age of 17, Truscott moved to Auckland, New Zealand, where her passion for events and charities began.

After her time in New Zealand, Truscott began to formulate an idea that would highlight and bring attention to nonprofit organizations and charities around the globe.

Truscott launched her online social media-based magazine LIOL, or Love In Other Languages, in the spring of 2010.

“I mostly share my video interviews via YouTube or Twitter through my personal account and also [through] the LIOL account,” said Truscott.

Truscott has been able to both travel abroad and provide for herself.

“While in Australia, I worked multiple jobs to save up for my trips to the United States. After moving to Bradford this past year, I started working for my pastor as his assistant.”

Like a nonprofit, the unique aspect of Truscott’s magazine is that it does not sell advertising nor does Truscott take a salary from LIOL.

She created the magazine as a way to get information to her generation about people who were making a difference.

“I hated what some magazines stand for. Saying that we have to look a certain way, buy the latest gadget, and really make people want an unrealistic life instead of finding out what their passions are,” Truscott said.

Part of highlighting certain organizations comes through her yearly visit to the U.S. One stop in particular always leads her to Atlanta to visit with her friend, Lindsay Burrell.

Truscott and Burrell met via Twitter in the summer of 2010 through a mutual friend.

Burrell was inspired by Truscott’s work, and she has also learned a lot from Truscott. 

“I’ve learned that the world is at my fingertips and, basically, I can do anything I want to do if I am passionate about it. Life is fun,” Burrell said.

“I’m so proud of Hannah. Her adventurous spirit is so inspiring.”

Since leaving Atlanta, Truscott has relocated to Bradford, England, to help bring awareness to human trafficking by partnering with Hope For Justice.

For more information on Hannah Truscott’s work and the organizations she is currently featuring, you can visit the magazine at



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