KSU ultimate Frisbee still going strong as outdoor temperatures cool


KSU’s Club Ultimate Frisbee team is currently in its offseason but that does not mean that the team is just resting.

While the main season occurs during the spring, team members still practice and go to tournaments and scrimmages to keep their games in good shape.

“Killian Moroney who is in his second year with the team, said, “Spring is our real season. But, basically what happens is, we have tournaments. Some [of our fall competitions] are sanctioned and some are unsanctioned tournaments.”

“We are looking pretty good,” said Ben Shaffer, who is in his third year with the team. “We had, it was not like a real tournament, a couple months ago, and we went six-and-one, and we won the tournament. Then, in our next tournament, we went five-and-two, losing to Georgia College twice. We had a scrimmage at Emory University earlier this week, and we lost by two. But other than that, we are looking like a pretty good team this year.”

“There are real tournaments and different tournaments that count in the spring,” Moroney said. “Then, we will go to sectionals and then you have to qualify for regionals and then regionals to go to nationals. Our main goal right now is to get to nationals.

For KSU’s club Frisbee team, its division for its games, consists of teams in the state of Georgia. At the end of the season, the schools with club Frisbee teams, meet up for the regional tournament. KSU’s region consists of schools all around the Southeast, including Tennessee, Florida and Mississippi.

There is a five year eligibility limit for a player on a club sports team.

“[Over the years I have been here] the team is greatly improved,” said Naley, who is in his fifth and final year with the team. “We have gotten more depth and the program has grown. We have definitely attained certain goals that we set for ourselves, like going to the next level. The playoffs, for the most part, are called divisionals and regionals. We have qualified for regionals the last four years in a row, which is pretty awesome for us.

“We have had some pretty good showings there and we have beaten some pretty good teams. Our goals this year is nationals. [To get to nationals] it basically goes by the performance of the whole year.”

Ultimate Frisbee consists of seven players on each team on the field at one time. Each team then attempts to get the Frisbee down the field and across the goal line. To get the Frisbee disc down the field, the players must pass the Frisbee to one another without letting the Frisbee touch the ground, being intercepted by the other team and without running with the Frisbee after the catch.

“There are a set of rules, even a rules book actually,” said Moroney. “It is a kind of a different sport because it is mostly self-officiated. But in big tournaments, you will have observers, who are essentially [referees]. But the weird thing about the observers is that it does not go to them until you decide it should go to them. So it is mostly self-officiated, which means that there are a lot more good sports out here. But you get the occasional [jerk].

“There are score caps, and most tournaments you play, usually on a Saturday, are a lot more grueling than you would think. It is a lot of running. I did track and cross-country and this is probably the most running I have ever done. Normally on Saturdays it goes to 13 [points] and then on Sundays during finals, it goes to 15 [points].”

The team practices at the Perch, a KSU sports park that is used by many of the club sports teams at KSU. The Perch is a new recreational facility, only a little more than a year old.

“[The Perch] compared to the Owl’s Nest [where the team used to practice], I like it a lot,” said Shaffer. “More space to practice and we actually get to use a whole field. It is nice because I really like the room to work with. Sometimes the soccer team practices here, but we still get a decent sized field.

This year, the team is looking forward to a promising season, with the help of several key players.

“J.P. [Burns] last year got hurt,” said Shaffer, “and tore his ACL. He is back this year, and he is probably one of our strongest offensive and defensive players. Then there is also Killian [Moroney], who is our deep threat as he is extremely fast.”

We will just have to wait until the spring to see how all of their practice pays off.



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