Loma Pizzeria brings the beer growler to the restaurant business


Loma Pizzeria, a Powder Springs restaurant, seeks to be a new place offering growlers to patrons and residents. Located south of Kennesaw, and within a good distance of many colleges around Cobb County, Jon Wagner hopes to continue attracting a variety of customers to the area.

Wagner’s concept for the store includes serving people with quality food and ingredients, great service and fair pricing. He named the store Loma after his children, Logan and Mazzy, and strives to have a family friendly place where the community can engage with a great meal and drink.

Pat Vaughn, the mayor of Powder Springs, is a frequent patron of this pizzeria and she has agreed that adding growlers to this local pizzeria and bar would be a hit for locals and it would attract many newcomers to the area.

Currently, Powder Springs doesn’t have a city ordinance for growlers so the management at Loma is working with the city council, mayor and city planners to have one made.

A growler serves as a way to take beer home and it typically is a large glass or ceramic jug, which can hold around half a gallon or more of beer. This option is popular to many people because you’re able to take a beer home that isn’t regularly available in stores.

“We plan to begin selling growlers by the beginning of 2014,” said Griffin Lindsey, the assistant manager at Loma. “Right now we’re working with Red Hare and Burnt Hickory Brewery, among other local breweries to have a great selection for these upcoming changes.”

After opening Aug. 1, 2012, and starting beer sales that October, Loma has seen strong sales in beer and continues to update the selection. Presently on draft, it offers Red Hare, Goose Island, Lonerider, Sierra Nevada and New Belgium Brews. Likewise, Loma offers a selection of bottled and canned beers for good prices to appeal to the sports and pizza loving crowds as well as wine for others to enjoy.

On Wednesday nights, Loma holds trivia games and winning teams can get discounted meal prices, as well as enjoy great deals on drinks throughout the evening. Loma is also in the process of building up a crowd for karaoke on Saturday nights.

“My favorite night of the week is Wednesday, when the dining area fills up with teams of friends and families who compete to win team trivia,” said Griffin. “People get really into the competition for a cash prize and everyone has a great time having a few drinks and sharpening their minds on tons of topics.”

The restaurant has already formed a close relationship with local breweries, which it hopes to continue working with as Loma expands its need for unique brews. As the desire for craft beers grows in the local area and Cobb County continues to grow and see increasing traffic, John Wagner plans to make his spot a permanent attraction to the area. He even has included tickets for free local brewery tours for trivia winners.

Loma specializes in New York style pizza by the slice or as a whole pizza with over 20 choices of traditional and premium toppings to specialize your meal however you like. The menu begins with many appetizer choices which can start off the meal for a hungry group or they can be paired with beer choices from the bottle or draft selection to accompany friends watching a game on the television.

Other meal choices include calzones, stromboli, numerous baked parmesan sandwiches and salads topped with a hearty amount of toppings. To top the whole experience off, this restaurant also offers a small selection of homemade desserts ranging from cakes, cannoli, tiramisu and a seasonally changing variety of eight Italian ice flavors!

The location has served as a home to at least two other pizza entrepreneurs and many locals are excited for the success of Loma and the promising future it holds in Cobb County. Kelly Greiff, a student and native of Marietta, worked at this restaurant under the two previous owners and commented that she was excited to see the business improving at the store.

“This store has always seen a busy intersection and not enough people kept coming back under the old management. Since Loma opened, I’ve visited with friends many times and they finally have a good, constant crowd coming in,” said Greiff.

Loma offers a unique atmosphere by decorating the walls with local artwork, which is for sale, as well as a big white sheet on the table with crayons for anyone to draw a picture while customers wait. Children, youth and adults of all ages often doodle and sketch artwork, which sometimes also gets posted in the store.

Finally, to attract a hungry person who’s up for a challenge, Loma offers its own special challenge which involves one person eating an entire 24 inch pizza in 30 minutes for a $100 cash prize, and the store covers the full pizza price. So far no one has completed the challenge, but patrons hope that as the store continues to grow and become more widely known that someone will stand up to the challenge.


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