Buying and selling items online


Students and young adults alike have found innovative new ways to make money and find their niche in an ever-changing workforce. The Internet is being utilized by individuals, not just for entertainment purposes, but also for the purpose of making a profit and creating.

Jared Ogle is a 22-year-old marketing student who attends Kennesaw State University. He is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree and at one time worked as a sales associate in a clothing store. Ogle did the typical college student grind of working part time for minimum wage and going to school full time. After reading an article online, he decided to try his hand at buying and selling items on the Internet.

“I went home to my parent’s garage and took a bunch of junk that I knew no one would miss and posted them on craigslist,” Ogle said. “The rest was history.”

When he realized his earning potential, Ogle turned in his two-week notice and started buying and selling part time while in school.

“Of course it has its drawbacks, and there are times when I lose money on a sale. But for the most part I have made a profit.”

Ogle said he does plan to explore opportunities on eBay at some point, but for now craigslist is perfect.


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