Man fights addiction with addiction


A Kennesaw, Ga., man hoping to cure his cigarette addiction, may have only made his nicotine addiction worse.

Evan Taylor, 26, and many others were told electronic cigarettes would assist in combating their addiction to regular cigarettes. What they weren’t told is that there’s a high chance of becoming addicted to the electronic cigarette.

Taylor started smoking cigarettes when he was 17. Taylor said he had been trying to kick the habit when his colleague first introduced him to electronic cigarettes in April 2013. Later that night, Taylor went by a smoke shop to learn more about the innovative product. He then purchased one, having been convinced by the store owner that it would help him quit smoking.

Taylor said that it has now been eight months since he bought his first electronic cigarette. He has stopped smoking regular cigarettes, but finds it hard to resist smoking his electronic cigarette multiple times throughout the day.

“They’re (electronic cigarettes) just as hard of a habit to quit because you can smoke them anywhere,” Taylor said. “In the house, in nonsmoking areas or inside public buildings if you wanted to.”

Taylor said that his doctor had concerns about the new habit, saying that the nicotine drug is still present and is what causes the addiction.

“I thought it was a great idea at first,” Leah Gregory, girlfriend of Taylor, said. “I guess not enough info is really given out about these e-cigs and their addictive properties.”


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