Perspective from Kennesaw State alumna


Pamela Fonseca, an alumna at Kennesaw State University, would describe her job search process as frustrating.

“As an undergrad, I definitely wish I would have become more involved,” said Fonseca. “But more importantly, I wish that I would have done at least two to three internships.”

Fonseca graduated May 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in communication with an emphasis in media studies. Fonseca is considering pursuing her master’s degree due to the fact the job she wants is very difficult to find.

Photo of Pamela Fonseca.  (Photo provided by Pamela Fonseca)
Photo of Pamela Fonseca.
(Photo provided by Pamela Fonseca)

“The thing about the job that I want is that I will not find the listing on any job site,” said Fonseca. “I want to be on television; and the process to get those jobs is completely different.”

Fonseca believes it would have made her job search easier if as an undergrad, she would have received more counseling about a major that would have eased her transition into the workforce.

Upon graduation, it can be hard to qualify for the jobs you are looking for without the proper experience.

“Your past job experience will show that you are dependable and committed. However, if it has nothing to do with the field you will be entering into it is not that useful,” said Fonseca. “I was told to erase all of my past jobs from my resume because they only took up space.”

However, not everything about the job search process is negative. The challenge can make us consider the possibilities you would have never considered otherwise.

“I began working Saturdays as a radio personality. If anyone had asked me if I was interested in radio, I would have definitely said no,” said Fonseca. “I also work at a catering company a couple days a week because an income is necessary.”


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