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Successful country music songwriter and Grammy-nominated musician Chris Stapleton just released his first single and is set to release his first solo album sometime in 2014.

Why You Should Care

While his name alone may not ring a bell, you’ve probably heard him before without realizing it; and if you enjoy popular country music, then you’re probably already a fan.

If you checked yes to being a fan of country music, then you’ve almost certainly heard of and more than likely listened to big time artists such as George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Josh Turner and Luke Bryan. If that’s true, then you may also be familiar with songs like “Your Man” by Josh Turner, “Never Wanted Nothing More” by Kenny Chesney, “Comeback Song” by Darius Rucker and “Love’s Gonna Make it Alright” by George Strait, all No. 1 songs. Each of the artists has recorded songs written by Stapleton, including those previously mentioned, and in some cases recorded songs with him singing background vocals. With the small odds of getting a song recorded by an artist, that means he’s definitely doing something right, and those are just a few of his accomplishments.

Who is Chris Stapleton?

Stapleton was born the son of a coal miner in Staffordsville, Ky., and always enjoyed music and writing songs, but it wasn’t always his plan to make it his profession. Stapleton spent three years in college, working different part-time jobs before deciding it wasn’t for him, and took his talent to Nashville to see what it had to offer, according to thegreenroompr.com.

Photo of Chris Stapleton.  (Photo by Becky Fluke)
Photo of Chris Stapleton.
(Photo by Becky Fluke)

“The instant it looked like a reasonable career path, music was an easy choice for me,” Stapleton said about meeting his first staff songwriter who helped him get his start. “I never dreamed you could actually make a living at it—It was definitely a ‘make your vacation your vocation’ deal for me.”

Growing Success

Since he made the move to Nashville, it appears that Stapleton has had nothing but continued success, so it shouldn’t take very long for his voice to be as commonly recognized as his No. 1 hits. He has recently performed at the Grand Ole Opry alongside his wife, Morgane Stapleton, who is a songwriter as well with EMI Music and wrote Carrie Underwood’s “Don’t Forget to Remember Me.”

Stapleton also sang backup on the recently released song “Drink A Beer” with Luke Bryan at the CMAs, as well as Bryan’s latest album, “Crash My Party.”

His first single, “What Are You Listening To?”, which is available on iTunes, was released this summer and has already been played on the radio.

“He’s worked so hard and is so proud of the music he’s made,” Morgane Stapleton said of her hopes for his future in music. “I hope the world will get the chance to love it like I do.”

Stapleton’s wife isn’t completely biased, either. He already has plenty of fans following him all over the country, keeping up with his music and performances and requesting his single “What Are You Listening To?” to their local radio station.

Keep Up With Chris

As far as what’s next for Stapleton, he’s not even sure himself. You can be certain, however, that he plans to keep working.

“Certainly, you can expect to see me out playing shows,” said Stapleton of what’s on his calendar, “and I’m sure I’ll be collaborating with other artists just like I’ve always done.”

You can find out more about Chris and what he’s working on by going to http://thegreenroompr.com/chrisstapleton.html, liking him on Facebook and following  him on Twitter and Instagram.


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