Come-N-Get It serves the community comfort food in Marietta, Ga.


If you’re looking for a home-cooked meal of Southern, comfort food with a twist, Come-N-Get It is the restaurant for you.

Come-N-Get It serves typical Southern cooking along with Greek food. The restaurant is owned and ran by Nick Tiliacos and his wife Helen. Come-N-Get It is a family-run business and there is no mistaking this when you walk through its doors.

The restaurant is charming and quaint, with blue and white tablecloths, and local honey for sale in the corner. The walls are adorned with memorabilia of local sports teams and American flags. When you walk in, past the front porch rocking chairs, you feel all the comforts of home.

Come-N-Get It staffs 10 people, including Nick and Helen Tiliacos and their son. Even the staff that isn’t related to the Tiliacos family said they feel as though they are a part of the family.

One employee, Blake Zacharko, said, “I feel appreciated working for a small business. I feel a part of the team.”

At Come-N-Get It, they put time and care into the food they serve. The Tiliacos family buys local and fresh foods. They never use anything that is canned.

“We smoke our own foods and cook everything fresh, when you order, we cook it then and there,” said Helen Tiliacos of their dedication to the food they serve.

Some of the customer favorites include the smoked meatloaf, brisket or grilled chicken. The menu is full of options from chicken fried chicken to authentic Greek gyros.

Both Nick and Helen Tiliacos come from families that worked in the restaurant business. Helen’s family ran a fast food restaurant for 37 years.

When the Tiliacos started out, they served only fast food type of meals.

“We started with simple foods like burgers, but customers wanted more, they wanted a bigger meal,” said Helen Tiliacos.

She said it is the customers that pushed them to grow. They now serve plates of one meat and two vegetables, and there are many choices to choose from.

The Tiliacos’ son John is the kitchen manager and he smokes the meat, Nick Tiliacos is the manager and Helen Tiliacos does all the baking.

All of the desserts are family recipes, including the Baklava; this dessert is a favorite among customers.

The Tiliacos family has grown so close to the community since they opened their doors in March 2010. They have always been in the same location and serving their faithful customers. Their favorite thing about the restaurant is the people they meet and the comfortable, casual feel Come-N-Get It delivers.

Nick and Helen Tiliacos and their family at Come-N-Get It will be serving the community for many more years to come. If you’re looking for great food in a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere, this is the place for you. Come-N-Get It is located at 1409 Church Street Extension, Suite E, in Marietta, Ga.


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