Disney World provides unique internship opportunities to international and American students


Walt Disney World has provided an internship that allows international and American students to participate in creating magic at Disney World parks and resorts.

The internship is in Orlando, Fla., which is one of the busiest cities in America for tourism. Some of the international students who participate in this program are overwhelmed at first by the big cities and American culture in general.

“Honestly, when I first arrived in America I was a bit overwhelmed with at how fast pace everything was. I think they could do a bit better job of informing the Internationals on whereabouts to go once we first arrive,” said Hayley Cutbush, an international student from New Zealand.

Cutbush is a 24-year-old that grew up in a town called Reefton with a population of 900 people. Once she moved to America, and met the other international students, she soon found out that her idea was not the only complaint others had about the internship. The complaints spread from food, living areas, profit and transportation.

“I personally think the transportation here is a bit unpredictable and not at all reliable, considering we have to take the bus to and from work every day. We also get punished if we don’t arrive on time due to the transportation,” said Charlie Reed, an international student from England.

Once the international students arrived at their work locations and started to get to work things were becoming much better. The interns are given two breaks a day during a seven-hour shift and also have a cafeteria that is open for all the employees to eat during their break times. For the interns, work uniforms, or “costumes,” as Disney calls them, all the interns have to do is go to the costuming department and scan their “Blue ID,” and then they are able to pick out five freshly cleaned and ironed costumes. But these are not the only benefits Disney provides to their interns.

All Disney cast members are given free entry passes for the entire time that cast member is working for the company. This means that the cast members are able to get themselves and three others into any park for free all day long.

“Although many of the interns here complain about a majority of the things Disney provides us, we really are quite spoiled,” said Cutbush. “We have good living areas, free transportation, safe areas to live and free entry into the parks. I personally would not trade this experience for anything, because of the amazing people that you meet from all over the world. I would recommend the Disney International Program to anyone who is interested in spending a few life changing months in the most magical place on earth.”

By participating in this internship, these students have not only an amazing accomplishment to put on their resume, but they also have built friendships that will last a lifetime. Even through some of the struggles that these international students had,  a majority of the 5,000 participants had life changing experiences and would not trade it for anything.


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