Emory University student reports rape near campus


Police continue to investigate the attack on a female Emory University student who reported a rape that occurred near the campus in Atlanta.

They have released a sketch of the perpetrator with hopes that someone will come forward with more information. After reporting this attack, other Emory students have reported sexual assaults on or near campus.

The student was walking back to her on-campus residence Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014 after leaving work around 11:15 p.m. at an Emory Village restaurant when she reported being snatched and then dragged into a wooded area where the attack ensued. She described her attacker as being a white, middle-aged man with a red beard and brown hair. According to the victim, he was last seen running away from campus toward the Village after the attack.

Emory Police were unavailable for comment as the investigation is still under way, but they assure the public that they are continuing to search for the attacker.

Christ Anderson, the manager on duty at the restaurant where the victim worked, could be reached for comment and reported last seeing the victim saying goodnight to coworkers and leaving the premises. The manager added that the Emory campus as well as Emory Village seemed to be safe and quiet environment.

“Students as well as neighborhood folks are constantly walking, jogging, and shopping in the area — even late at night,” said Anderson

Management and staff remain in shock after the attack and offer support for the victim and her family during this difficult time.

“We value our employee’s safety above all else and are strongly encouraging Emory students who work with us not to walk alone at night and avoid areas that aren’t heavily trafficked when walking home,” Anderson said.

“The Emory Police Department is investigating the report of a sexual assault Tuesday, [Feb. 11, 2014,] involving an unknown perpetrator,” the University said in a statement to campus newspaper, The Emory Wheel. “The female student involved is being provided with the full support, resources and ongoing care of Emory staff members.”

On the heels of this report, several students have come forth with reports of being sexually assaulted. Two other victims have given strikingly similar descriptions of their attackers and the Emory Police Department is working to link these attacks. An email sent by the University to students, faculty and the community urges anyone who has any information regarding the attacker to contact the EPD at (404) 727-6111.

According to Campus Safety Magazine, between 20 percent and 25 percent of women will experience a completed and/or attempted rape during their college career. More than half of these women will never report their attack. Rape and sexual assault are often occurrences on U.S. college campuses and more often than not, these attacks go unreported and the attackers never get convicted.

This brave Emory student’s report opened the door for other victims in the Emory community to finally report their attacks and victimization. The more these attacks are reported, the more likely it will be to find and convict the attackers. If you have been a victim of sexual assault of any kind, contact your university’s counseling department.

Kennesaw State University students can make appointments for confidential counseling by calling (770) 423-6600.


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