The story of an ambassador


Being an ambassador to the free world is a big deal even when it comes to the tiniest and most unimportant country in the world. Charles Adefuye holds such a position.

Growing up in the rural area of Shomolu in Lagos, Nigeria, he was born into an underprivileged home with his father being a mechanic and his mother a house girl for some expatriates working at Shell from the United States. Adefuye was the first of six children. He said they had everything they wanted and they lived a good life because their parents always provided, but the only thing all the kids were asked in return was to do well in their studies.

“I came home one day from school and found my mother crying. She told me that because I got a C in one of my math classes, I didn’t get the scholarship to attend one of the most prestigious boys school and that was the day I knew I wanted to be great so I will never see my mother cry again,” said Adefuye.

Adefuye later on went to attend King’s College Lagos, where he graduated with distinction and was the valedictorian. He attended the University of Lagos, where he studied international relations and graduated with a second class upper. He later on attended University of Brighton in Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom and got a Masters in public administration. He later moved back to Nigeria where he served on the board of different companies before becoming an ambassador.

His peers also had a lot of good things to say about him. Uche Amajor, who has known Adefuye for close to 40 years, explained how they met and when he knew that the road for him was going to be bright.

“I met Charles when we both went to school in the United Kingdom and we roomed together. When I got to know him, I knew he was going to be a great man.” said Amajor.

Amajor explained that when he was working as the Permanent Secretary to the Governor of Abia State, his friend started to express interests in going into politics but everyone knew he was a soft-spoken man and would not compromise his beliefs for anyone and anybody. This is not the type of person that will flourish well in this cut throat environment.

“But in record time, he proved himself and we (political fathers) all knew he had what it took to flourish in this touch business,” said Amajor.

Adefuye has been a breath of fresh air and a positive light to the nation in light of all the negativity Nigeria has faced in recent years with fraud and other plagues.

He has been the ambassador for five years and during his time as ambassador, he has helped an aided the United States to apprehend internet scam artist like the New Jersey 40, as well as brought in more westernized cultures to the country. He has started various educational scholarships that sample off many that the United States has in place.

“His tenure has been exemplary and we the Nigerian people hope to see many ambassadors like him when his tenure is up in April,” said Amajor.


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