Couple publishes football magazines for three Southeast colleges


Guy Prokay and Ruslyn Prokay started from scratch and now own and publish three college football magazines that highlight the team’s players, contain articles about the players and team and have fan and tailgating photos.

“My nephew played football for Clemson, and my husband Guy and I looked around for a magazine with a team roster and player outlines and we couldn’t find one. That’s when I had the idea to start one on our own,” said Ruslyn Prokay.

The Prokays remain involved with Clemson University, University of Georgia and University of Alabama during the season and throughout the year in order to keep their magazines going and up to date.

Each university receives its own print edition of the magazine on an annual basis during May or June. Clemson University receives the TigerTime magazine; UGA receives the DawgTime magazine; and the University of Alabama receives the BamaTime magazine.

During the season, Guy Prokay receives a photo field pass. With this pass, he is able to walk around the field and take pictures of different players for the magazine.

Ruslyn Prokay receives a media press pass. With this pass, she goes to the press box and watches the game from above the crowd. It is important for her to keep up with the plays that stand out in the game so she can write about them if needed.

“The process of collecting information and pictures throughout the season and having to put it all together for a magazine can be very time consuming and grueling,” Said Guy.

Being the owners of a magazine company is not always all work and no fun. For about four months out of the year, the Prokays travel all around the country to see as many games as possible. Sometimes they have to watch one game in a hotel room, while attending another game because they can’t always make it to both.

Part of the magazine has nothing but pictures of the fans and tailgating in it. It is important to get to the games early and make it to as many tailgates for the best pictures possible. The magazine also features a tailgating recipe.

“My favorite part of the job is being able to go by peoples tailgates, try their different recipes and be able to interact with all of the fans,” said Ruslyn Prokay.

Ruslyn Prokay is in charge of approving which articles and pictures make it into the magazine. She develops a layout of where exactly every picture and every article will go. After she has done that, Guy Prokay checks the layout and then it is off to press.

When the magazine goes to press, it is very important for the Prokays to be there. The printer prints a couple copies of the magazine and they go through it to make sure all of the colors and writing are what they expected. After the magazine check goes well, the magazine is printed and distributed to many different stores.

The Prokays took an idea and turned it into a reality. Their job may be stressful sometimes, but they both agree they would not change it if they could. They have both developed a love for college football, the teams and most importantly the fans and the passion that runs through them at every single game.

“I may be the owner of a few magazines and work way too many hours according to some people, but I tell them if you love your job, you’re never working a day in your life. Who would consider going to college football games for the rest of your life a job?” said Guy Prokay.


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