Is the Braves’ move to Cobb County, Ga., wise for businesses and the franchise?


As the Atlanta Braves go forward with its move from its current home at Turner Field to Cobb County, Ga., in 2017, businesses and organizations which will be affected are considering what changes may come.

While there is some skepticism about traffic, long travel times for some fans, and an out-of-city stadium, Frankie Torchia, assistant director for marketing at radio station 680 The Fan, and David Moore, general manager at Stoney River Legendary Steaks restaurant in Atlanta at Cumberland Mall, seem optimistic.

Torchia said that as the flagship for Braves radio coverage, no part of the Braves’ moving to Cobb County, Ga., will affect the relationship between The Fan and the Braves, but will definitely affect the Braves positively.

“We just renewed our contract with the Braves, and we have a long-standing relationship, so it’ll stay positive with us,” said Torchia.

Torchia said that the move will be beneficial to the Braves organization, as it will be able to keep all of the proceeds from its sales, due to the team owning and running its own stadium in Cobb County, Ga.

Torchia said that because the Braves will have its own stadium, the money that is made at games will be funneled back through the organization, and not spent on using a different facility.  In addition to this, fans and Braves will have a place to call home.

“For fans, it will be a better experience.  Being in the new stadium, morale will be boosted,” said Torchia.

One point of controversy is the location of the new stadium. Torchia said that many people will be excited about the stadium being built in Cobb County, Ga., because the majority of the demographic that buy Braves’ tickets are living around the area.

So how will businesses near the future multi-million dollar stadium of the Braves be affected?

Moore is beyond hopeful for the Braves to move near the Cumberland area in Cobb County, Ga.,.

Moore said that because Stoney River is highly dependent on hotel business, he foresees the move being very beneficial for the restaurant. While traffic may be an issue, Moore is not worried because as people continue to stay in hotels in the area, the traffic should not affect Stoney River’s sales.

“There will be a lot of construction going on, so that kind of thing brings people into town,” said Moore.

Both Torchia and Moore expressed excitement about the Braves moving to Cobb County, Ga. Torchia is confident that the area is up and coming and that this move will be a financial success for the Braves organization. Moore believes that the area will become even more of a destination spot: a place that the Braves will call home for many years to come.


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