Earth Day on the Atlanta BeltLine


The Historic Fourth Ward has continued to see growth, increased development and an increase in the amount of jobs, since the inception of the Atlanta BeltLine.

New infrastructure that has been added amongst the historic buildings of old along the BeltLine in the Historic Fourth Ward park. Residents have accepted the construction with open arms.

“I love living along the beltline, it gives me access to everything!” said James Turner, a Fourth Ward resident.

Many of the neighborhood residents have taken to the BeltLine running its trails and using the ease of access to local businesses.

Many of the local businesses have seen an increase in foot traffic since the addition of the BeltLine and other amenity additions.

In June 2011, the Fourth Ward Park and Skate Park officially opened for the public. With developmental input from the local skating community, as well as renowned skateboarder, Tony Hawk, the community has been actively involved even before the opening.

“Atlanta is transforming into a more accessible and livable place,” said Nate Conable, the director of transit and transportation at the Atlanta BeltLine. “And this System Plan will lead to improved mobility.

The system plan includes the introduction of a new streetcar transit system, which Atlanta residents have never been able to utilize before.

There have been more than 175 thousand additional jobs within a half-mile of the BeltLine corridor since the plan was adopted by the Atlanta City Council in 2006, including many construction opportunities in support of the new transit expansion.

With the continuing development of the BeltLine, it has become a catalyst for economic growth and renewal.

There have been more than $1 billion in new private development around the Atlanta BeltLine since 2005, providing a birth of infrastructure to some of Atlanta’s underdeveloped neighborhoods.

The Atlanta BeltLine has the potential to not only achieve physical connectivity between Atlanta’s neighborhoods, but also break down economic and cultural barriers.

You can take part in its development by helping to remove invasive bamboo along the northeast hiking trail along with Keep Atlanta Beautiful on Earth Day, Saturday, April 19th. Visit www. for more information.


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