Savannah St. Patrick’s Day parade


Savannah is truly turned green for the celebration today in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day. While waiting for the parade to start, friends and family gather full of smiles, laughter and joy. This event has become more than just a parade; it’s a true celebration of the city of Savannah.

Savannah, Ga., has always celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day to the fullest. It dyes the Savannah River green and hosts thousands of out-of-town guest coming to celebrate.

The start of the parade is followed with cheers, shouts, and lots of “Erin go bragh” — that’s an Irish saying. We see leaders in the Catholic church, city leaders, and followed by families who march in the parade.

“I have been marching in the parade since I was six weeks old with my family,” said Flanagan Dressel. “It’s my favorite day of the year. A time when my family and I can celebrate our Irish Catholic heritage.”

Schools around Savannah are involved. Jenkins High school marching band has always been exciting and a unique, energized show. After the marching bands came cheerleading groups. Many of the floats come from different schools and organizations in Savannah.

The Shriners add so much fun and laughter to the parade. They ride on funny tricycles, dressed in ridiculous outfits, and played with the crowd.

“My family loves the Shriners,” said Melanie Rathbun. “They include the crowd and always make the kids smile. I think the kids really like them because they throw candy to the crowd.”

Rathbun loves the parade and the Shriners have a special meaning to her and her family.

The parade is came to an end but that did not stop the celebration. Downtown celebrated all night long as Savannah celebrated this fun-filled Saint Patrick’s Day to the fullest.

This marked Savannah’s 190th Saint Patrick’s Day parade this year. The parade looked fun, crazy and the entire town was green. Savannah’s celebration would make the Irish proud.


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