The juicing fad


Juicing diets have become increasingly popular. For many it’s a way to simply add more fruits and vegetables to their daily routines, but for most it’s a way to drop a lot of weight in a short amount of time.

“Many people do juicing diets because it’s a fad diet,” said Heather Poe, a Kennesaw State University graduate who majored in Exercise and Health Sciences.

Poe believed juicing is promoted by celebrities and made to seem a legitimate and healthy lifestyle. She disagrees with their logic.

“It could result in loss of muscle mass, increased hunger because of the lack of protein and more,” she said.

Doctors recommended juicing to patients who have nutrient deficiencies such as Poe’s son who is anemic and uses juicing as a way to gain more iron. To those who rely solely on juicing for all their nutritional needs, doctors gave the warning that they may be causing harm to their body by not getting enough protein or varieties of nutrients.

Frequent customer of local smoothie store “Blend-it-up” Mari Matthews said she uses juicing every couple of months as a way to cleanse her body.

Juicing cleanses my digestive system and allows me to have more energy,” said Matthews.

There are positives and negatives to this fad diet. Before considering the diet, stop to think of your motivation behind it and research the diet themselves to make sure it’s right for them and make sure to maintain proper nutrient intake.


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