Internships are important for jobs after college


Finding a job right out of college can be a very time consuming and grueling job in itself.

A lot of students do not even know where to start looking for a job. That is why internships and their importance are on the rise. It has become even more important for college students to participate in internship programs if the opportunity arises. Internships allow people experience and motivation to pursue jobs in their career fields.

Turner Broadcasting is one of many large companies in the metro Atlanta area to offer an internship program for students from Kennesaw State University, the University of Georgia, Georgia College, Georgia State and Auburn University, The paid internship takes place over the summer months and students learn a variety of skills that are needed on the job.

“Each year, the Turner Broadcasting financial department has over 200 students apply out for our intern program, and there are only 12 available intern positions in our division at this point, so as you can imagine it is a very competitive intern program to try to become a part of,” said Blake Lawson, an employee in the finance department at Turner.

After students attend the job fair and submit their resumes, they attend a cocktail social with different managers and employees of Turner. Students are then invited to participate in a formal interview at the career center.

After the initial interview, Turner chooses about six candidates from each school, who then go onto the next round of interviews. After four more rounds of interviews, 12 students are chosen altogether to become interns.

“Turner’s intern program really prepares college students for what they need to learn and know in order to be successful in the business world,” said Blake Lawson.  “Our interns work from nine to five Monday through Friday and learn what it is like to work as a team with each other. Not only are they hard working individuals, but the interns get to know each other by doing group activities like bowling and volunteer work. They are required to give back to the community and prepare presentations on how they did so.”

“If it weren’t for the opportunity I received by being chosen for the internship with Turner, I would not be sitting here right now,” said former intern Jon Davidson. “I would strongly suggest anyone who has the opportunity to do an internship, do it!”

Davidson now works as a financial analyst for Turner.

It is important for students to know even if they are not offered a job right after an internship, the internship still looks great on their resume. Internships are a great way to network with people and learn a lot about what you may be doing for your job in the future. They give students great opportunities to learn and grow in their fields while receiving help from others at the same time.

Although it is not impossible to get a job without an internship, it is a lot more likely for a business to hire an intern over someone who has no experience at all in the job field. When a company like Turner invests 10 to 14 weeks into an individual that has gone through an internship, they are much more likely to be hired because a lot of time has already been put into that individual, and they already know how things work for the most part.

“Not only was I able to learn a lot about my job through Turner’s intern program, I also met a lot of new friends and team members,” said Davidson.


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