LINK in Japan


Kennesaw State University’s Leaders in Kennesaw (LINK) members are currently selling Braves tickets on campus to raise money for its trip to Japan. The group will be in Japan from May 15 to May 27, 2014, and 12 students from LINK will be going. The trip will cost a little over $4,000 per person. They are also holding a movie night featuring a Japanese film in order to raise awareness.

“As a group, we chose to go to Japan through an anonymous vote, and we plan to travel to the cities of Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Hiroshima,” said Saysha Jackson, a student and LINK Leads member.

LINK is a three-year leadership program. Its goals are to develop students into leaders and help them gain people skills. There are currently 23 members in link with two advisors.

During the first year of this program, the students work on local service projects. During the second year, they do a national project and travel to a different state. A couple of years ago students went to Wilmington, N. C., to help with disaster relief from the hurricane that hit. During the third year, the organization picks a country to travel to and plans projects to do there.

As a group, these students are doing a good amount of fundraising to raise money for their trip to Japan. This year at KSU is the Year of Japan. That allowed LINK members to work closely with the study abroad office and be a part of the events the office had.

“Being that it is the Year of Japan at Kennesaw, it allowed us to get more funding because we will be able to bring back useful information for the faculty and staff from Japan,” said Jackson.

They have done fundraisers such as American Family day and an Applebee’s raffle. They held an opportunity drawing for KSU hoodies and they are currently selling Braves tickets. They also help host events such as the Japanese movies night to bring awareness to the Year of Japan.

“While in Japan, the group plans to meet up with different professors that are also traveling to Japan for the Year of Japan,” said Lauren Briggs, a peer advisor for LINK.

The LINK members plan to not only visit these cities, but they plan to do service projects with another university. They plan to visit different shrines and religious landmarks. More importantly, the group wants to learn about the culture of Japan and get a firsthand experience of living there.

This is a chance for the students of LINK to demonstrate all the skills they have learned throughout the program. The organization will be fundraising and having different events up until the group leaves in May 2014.


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