Petition against KSU/SPSU merge


Southern Polytechnic State University students are disappointed about the consolidation with Kennesaw State University set for the fall 2015 semester.

Students, faculty, and parents have filled out petitions to stop the merge of SPSU and KSU. The merge of these two universities was first announced in October 2014. However, not all of the students are accepting of this merge.

“We have been working on our degree for SPSU, once the merge occurs this will no longer matter,” said SPSU student David Turner.

The students from KSU appear to be satisfied with the merge, however SPSU students feel differently.

“The merge with SPSU is a great idea. It will help the university grow, and become more recognizable, nationally,” said KSU student Jenna Brantley.

SPSU students have been filling petitions since the merge was first announced in October. They are still attempting to find different ways in which they can stop the merge from happening.

“I have friends in my classes that are still trying to find ways to protest against the merge to defend their degrees,” said Turner.

Over 8,000 people have signed a petition online, which was made in order to stop the merge.

School officials believe that the merge of SPSU and KSU will be highly beneficial for the community and the university.

Over the past few years, universities have had lower enrollment rates. However, KSU and SPSU have seen an increase in enrollment.

KSU’s 50th anniversary was celebrated in October 2013. The school is currently the third largest university in the state of Georgia with 25,000 students. SPSU on the other hand has 6,000 students.

The expansion has started a consolidation implementation committee, which will carefully make decisions about the consolidations vision and overall university structure.

For now, the consolidation is set for fall 2015. If any change occurs, it will be posted on the KSU and SPSU official consolidation website.


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