Sprinkles opens new cupcake store in Atlanta


The new trend in baking now is cupcakes and the establishment that started that trend has now opened a new location at Lenox Square in Atlanta.

After several years working as an investment banker, the owner of the Sprinkles brand Candace Nelson and her husband Charles Nelson opened the first Sprinkles in Beverly Hills, Calif., in April 2005.

“I am the general manager here at the Atlanta location. I started working with Sprinkles about two and a half years ago at our Chicago location,” said Potter. “We’ve been open for about a month and a half. We opened our Atlanta location at the end of January this year.”

Sprinkles uses gourmet ingredients when the company bake its cupcakes. One of its most popular cupcakes, the red velvet cake, is comprised of Belgian chocolate callebaut, with a cream cheese frosting flavored with Madagascar bourbon vanilla.

“Our most popular flavor is the red velvet cake but in Atlanta the most popular cupcake is the strawberry cupcake flavor,” said Potter. “Our most unusual cupcake is the chai latte cupcake that has a butter cream frosting, and the most unusual regional cupcake is a savory cupcake that’s maple bacon flavored. It’s unusual but it works.”

Ashley Hague has been in love with Sprinkles cupcakes since 2011 and she is equally impressed with Sprinkles latest foray into ice cream.

“I work at the Nike store right across from sprinkles and love that I’m able to eat my favorite which is cinnamon sugar cupcakes and my favorite ice cream is vanilla with the red velvet waffle cone,” said Hague.

Make sure to check out Sprinkles Atlanta on Facebook and Twitter. It has little phrases for you to whisper where you get a special deal on the treats.


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