College students become small business owners

By James White

Every year, more and more college students are electing not to work part-time jobs in order to pay their living expenses and are finding alternative ways, such as owning a small business, to earn an income.

Ebony Williams is a junior at Kennesaw State University and she has been using social media marketing as a source of income.

“My business consists of basically network marketing,” said Williams. “It’s not like a trade. I offer a small wealth of goods for a monthly service fee.”

Williams also currently works about 27 hours a week on campus. Comparing the two jobs, she said it would be more beneficial to put 27 hours into her social marketing business than her regular part-time job.

Elisheva Ray, a junior, thinks it is more beneficial to run a business while being a full-time student.

“I really wasn’t looking to start a business when I started my business,” said Ray. “I was really just trying to throw my mother a surprise party and I was working on a zero budget.”

Her cleaning business started as a favor for a friend, but when she kept receiving inquiries and referrals, she decided to develop her hobby into a business. She uses websites like Facebook to advertise her services.

Many students are now learning skills that normally require an internship and job training.

The skills learned that both students mentioned were budgeting, time management and self-accountability. It seems that not only is it replacing part-time jobs, but businesses also see more interns who are also small business owners.

This new method of income is now becoming a widespread movement.

“It is extremely beneficial and I would encourage anyone to give it a try,” said Williams.

By using technology, students are now finding convenient ways to become independent. Owning a small business while still in school is a new, exciting way that students are gaining an edge on the competition and making extra money.


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