The Shamrock and Peach

By Crystal Webb

Judith McLoughlin’s cookbook, The Shamrock and Peach, is great for learning how to make food from other cultures.

McLoughlin moved to the United States less than 20 years ago and has already made a mark in the South. She has written a cookbook. She teaches cooking classes. She does catering and she gives tours over to Ireland during the summer.

McLoughlin teaches cooking classes at Whole Foods and The Cooks Warehouse. She also teaches at other culinary venues in the Atlanta and Roswell area. To sign up for a class, you must visit the venue where she is teaching.

“Teaching cooking classes is something that I am passionate about because I get to share my heritage with people,” said McLoughlin. “I don’t want to lose my Scots-Irish identity even though I live in America.”

McLoughlin wanted to fuse Southern hospitality with Irish traditions through her cooking. When she came to America, she had low expectations for hospitality. But she was proven wrong. In the Shamrock and Peach cookbook, you will find stories about where McLoughlin grew up and her Scots-Irish heritage.

McLoughlin takes a group of people to Ireland for one week. She gives them an extensive tour of the culture and food.

Monique Morris is one of McLoughlin’s clients. Morris has already planned her summer around the Ireland tour.

“I have already bought mine and my husband’s tickets to go on the Ireland tour,” said Morris. “We have visited before, but not like this.”

McLoughlin started off with her cookbook and catering. She then progressed into the cooking classes and decided to start the tours. Kerry-gold Butter sponsors McLoughlin in her Scots-Irish endeavors.

“I am passionate about food, and I am happy with this new movement in the states for cleaner food and products,” said McLoughlin. “The idea of ‘farm-to-table’ is more prevalent.”

It is not to late to book a spot on the Ireland tour this summer. Visit her website for more information and where to purchase her cookbook.

If you are interested in McLoughlin’s tours or cookbook, please visit


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