Working behind the scenes at the NBA website

By Jennifer Magruder

The National Basketball Association website is constantly updated 24/7 a week by a production team of 19 people.

The website is updated as the news and highlights come in, which is on a constant basis. Arthur Hamilton is one of the production members that puts in endless hours to help the website run appropriately and orderly.

Hamilton and other team members research upcoming games, trends and also results of games. On a daily basis, the production team meets to organize the daily flow of things and what is the most important. They use the time to plan production and ideas.

“Work is very fast paced inside our control room during our live shows,” said Hamilton, a production assistant at NBA Digital. “You’re constantly building graphics, doing research, while multi-tasking on the topics that you’re talking about at that very moment, while simultaneously looking forward to the next segments coming up.”

Hamilton also talked about the challenges within his busy work. Surprisingly, working with the talent seems to be Hamilton’s biggest struggle within his many tasks. He said the talent can have diva moments which can be more time consuming and difficult.

Along with the busy work come the benefits, Hamilton also loves the sport of basketball and his job contains the sport. Hamilton gets first look at new talent, the stories that come behind each player and of course the highlights of the games.

“What more could a guy want?” said Hamilton. “From editing, watching old games, researching new talent its all about the game I love I couldn’t ask for a better job!”

“We work hard around here, but we all have a great time doing it,” said Anthony Oquendo. “We all have a passion for ball.”

The NBA website seems to be an extremely busy job, but if you have a passion for the sport and want to approach it from a business perspective this is the job for you.


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