Kennesaw State University men’s golf team finishes up its season

Assistant coach Chad Wilson talks about recruiting for Kennesaw State men’s golf


Kennesaw State University’s men’s golf team is heading into its postseason after winning two out of its 10 tournaments this season. The team of nine players have worked hard and put in a lot of hours on and off the course.

The highlight of the season for the team was winning the Pinetree Intercollegiate, hosted by KSU at the home golf course, by 11 shots. The team was also able to capture first place at the Rees Jones Invitational with Austin Vick, a junior, being the top individual for the team.

The team was hoping to take the lead spot at the Atlantic Sun Conference Championship, but instead took second with Teremoana Beaucousin, a freshman, being the top individual for the Owls. The team’s rounds for each day were 288-295-297- 880.

Gaining an assistant coach

The men’s KSU golf team took on a new assistant coach, Chad Wilson, at the beginning of the season. He was a former player for the men’s KSU golf team and has settled right back in.

“It has been great to be back with the Owl family on a daily basis. There are still a few guys on the current team that were here when I was a senior and they have made the transition from me being a friend to viewing me as a coach great,” said Wilson.

Setting goals for the team

Wilson says the team set nine goals for itself this season, such as a team GPA of 3.7 or higher, winning the national championship and reaching the highest rank in team history. The team has managed to reach a lot of these goals.

Jimmy Beck, a junior, says that as a team, it worked hard to achieve its goals. Leading up to each tournament, the team would work out, practice and bond with each other. Keeping each other accountable on and off the course is very important, according to Beck.

Heading into postseason

Jimmy Beck about to tee off at practice at the Pinetree Golf Course,  Tuesday April 22, 2014, in Kennesaw, Ga.
Jimmy Beck about to tee off at practice at the Pinetree Golf Course,
Tuesday, April 22, 2014, in Kennesaw, Ga.

With the postseason right around the corner, the team will be gearing up for regionals. Beck hopes to be selected for a course in Northern Illinois. Wilson has an opposing opinion and believes it should be selected for the course in Auburn, Ala.

“It is the closest and will allow a greater support from parents and KSU staff to be spectators at the event. It is also a course we have played multiple times over the years,” said Wilson.

Beck feels confident in the team going into the postseason and thinks that the team could even win nationals. The team is playing great together and according to Beck, the team hasn’t even performed its best yet.

“We’ve shown that we can compete with the best teams even when we aren’t playing our best,” said Beck.

A former teammate speaks out about the current team

Benjamin Greene, a former member of the men’s KSU golf team, has been keeping up with how the team has been playing this season. According to Greene, he believes this is the strongest team that KSU has had.

“The KSU golf team has become a strong contender for taking the front spot at nationals this year,” said Greene.

The golf team is ready for the postseason with regionals starting on May 15-17, 2014. With the team’s current ranking, it will go to nationals on May 27- June 1, 2014. To keep up with the men’s golf team, you can visit

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