Shelli Allen Photography

Shelli Allen Photography’s Shelli Allen


“She has had it from say one”

Shelli Allen Photo by Molly Scarbrough
Shelli Allen
Photo by Molly Scarbrough

“You either have it or you don’t,” says Kristy Drinkwater, Shelli Allen Photography’s graphic designer. “Photography is one of those things. She has had it from day one.”

Shelli Allen, founder of Shelli Allen Photography, is an experienced photographer who is known for her effortless ability to capture true happiness and genuine smiles.

The brand itself

Allen says that she has created a brand for herself where people can now look at a photograph and recognize that it is her work.

Drinkwater would say that this recognizable brand is the real joy in each photograph.

“Shelli gets something out of her subjects that most people cannot,” Drinkwater says.  She is one of those people who doesn’t care if she is like lying on the ground, rolling around in the leaves and the dirt, you know, if it’s going to get that perfect shot and that perfect angle, she’s going to do it.”

The staff themselves

Clients do not just appreciate the company for its quality of photographs, but also for the quality of its staff.

Shelli Allen Photography is made up of Allen, the photographer, Molly Scarbrough, the assistant and Drinkwater, the freelance designer.

“They [staff members] are amazing,” Allen says. “They know me strengths; they know my weaknesses, and then they know how to build on them. The biggest thing that I would say about them is that they are huge Shelli Allen Photography cheerleaders. We have a great team.”

“I can say that working together, all three of us, the chemistry has been really great,” Drinkwater says. “There’s a lot of honesty that’s brought to the table. Everybody cares about Shelli Allen Photography; we all want to be cheerleaders for it. It’s something worth cheering for and not something I take lightly.”

They just keep coming back for more

Shelli Allen Photography is continuing to grow because clients who use Allen once want to use her again.

There is something to be said about repeat customers, whether the reason they come back time after time is because that they enjoy the positive energy from the staff or because of the talent within the company.

“Once somebody uses Shelli, they don’t ever want to use anybody else; that speaks for itself,” Drinkwater says. “She has a quality that is really hard to find in a photographer.”

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