Shelli Allen Photography’s Shelli Allen


Shelli Allen founded Shelli Allen Photography six years ago. She says that her dad was her inspiration for getting into photography. He would photograph Allen when she was an Auburn cheerleader, along with the other cheerleaders.

“It just brought so much joy to everybody because they loved seeing pictures of themselves every week,” Allen said. “So then when I had my kids, I would photograph them and my friends would always say ‘oh my gosh, you have a gift; you should do that.”

When Allen started out doing her own work, she primarily focused on photographing kids and families.

“The company just grew and grew and grew,” Allen said. “Then I hired an assistant and a graphic artist.”

“When Shelli first started out she was really centralized,” graphic designer Christi Drinkwater says. “Since the start of her company, it has spread. She’s not just in Marietta anymore.”

Drinkwater says that she now has clients in the 30A area of Florida, and Troy and Birmingham, Ala.

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