The Atlanta Braves new home impacts Kennesaw State students

Atlanta Sports teams offer Kennesaw State University Students Internship Opportunities


Kennesaw State University is the home of nearly 26,000 students and in 2016, Kennesaw State will have a new neighbor to the community, the Atlanta Braves. Just miles from the KSU campus, the future home for the Major League Baseball team is set to open. With the growing enrollment numbers at KSU, students should take full advantage of the opportunities the new Braves stadium will offer.

For KSU students, the Atlanta Braves organization offers many employment opportunities for students both part and full time. The new home will not only allow the opportunity for students to find positions of employment with the organization, but give students the opportunity to reach out in the community as well.

The Atlanta Braves organization is more than just a baseball team; it is committed to making a difference on and off the field. The Atlanta Braves strive to make a difference in the community and to the fans that have always supported them.

A Job with the Braves

Once opened, the new stadium will need employment in all areas of the Braves organization. The Atlanta Braves have given many current students and alumnus employment opportunities. Justice Hogan is a KSU alumni and current Braves employee. Hogan has been working with the Braves organization since 2009. He has had many job titles through the Braves and has loved them all.

“Working for the Braves while still in college would be a great opportunity for any Kennesaw student. I have met some amazing people through the Braves all while working to reach my career goals,” Hogan says.

The new stadium being closer to Kennesaw State will allow many students the opportunity to apply with the Braves due to the ability to commute. The Braves are always posting job opportunities through its web page. Students interested should be sure to check the Braves Job Opportunities on its official site.

Atlanta Braves: Allowing Students to Give Back

The new home will not only allow the opportunity for students to find positions of employment with the organization, but it also gives students the opportunity to reach out in the community as well. The Braves organization is fully invested in community outreach, and with the new stadium just minutes from the campus, students can find it easier to become involved and give back through one of its many programs.

Carlos Sanchez, KSU Alumni
Carlos Sanchez, KSU Alumni
Photo Courtesy of Carlos Sanchez

Carlos Sanchez, a KSU alumni and former Atlanta Braves employee, says the Atlanta Braves organization allowed him not only employment, but opportunities to strive and grow during his time in school.

“I worked for The Atlanta Braves during the last three years of my time at Kennesaw State. During these years the Atlanta Braves showed me not only a home, but allowed me to make a difference in my community and to others,” said Sanchez.

During his employment with the Atlanta Braves, Sanchez was able to be a part of many of the community outreach programs. Being bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish, Sanchez was able to help families and children from all backgrounds.

The Atlanta Braves Foundation has provided support to other organizations within the metro Atlanta area since its establishment in 1992. Working to better the community and support the youth, the foundation could not be possible without the generosity of its volunteers. Having the stadium just miles from Kennesaw State gives students the chance to become involved in the programs.

What Can You Do?

The Atlanta Braves are always looking for volunteers. Students interested in volunteer opportunities should check out the Atlanta Braves in the Community webpage on its official page.


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