Kennesaw State alumna becomes entrepreneur by following her passions


Britoni Burdett hand-paints each of her glasses with the customer in mind.
Britoni Burdett hand-paints each of her glasses with the customer in mind.

Self-taught artist and KSU graduate Britoni Burdett, 31, created her own unique brand of hand-painted drink ware, called DrinkIn3D with Britoni B.

Burdett’s drink ware is unique due to her “3-D boobs, butts and bellies” applications. She paints silhouettes of women on glasses while allowing each customer to customize the hair color, eye color, outfit and quote painted on their glass.

Burdett graduated from Kennesaw State University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing in 2006. after graduation, she started working for Ignition, a marketing agency in Atlanta.

Two years later, her best friend needed a roommate in Miami, Fla., so she headed south and worked in the motorsports industry for several years. She then started her own business as an independent contractor, specifically working with private yachts and airplanes.

Burdett continued to work in Florida for about five years until she found her love for painting. She then moved back home to Marietta, Ga. in 2013.

She didn’t think her talent would turn into a business. Her friend kept challenging her to continue painting, and friends placed orders and would pay her to paint glasses, so it seemed fitting to turn her artwork into a business.

“My demand actually made the decision for me,” Burdett said of how her business began. “I got busy enough to make the decision whether or not to keep working for people or focus on this brand 100 percent.”

The idea of the 3-D applications on her glasses was inspired by a few friends.

“We all have breast implants, so I decided to make glasses for a couple of my girlfriends and give them 3-D boobs, kind of supporting our fake boobs,” Burdett said, laughing at the idea.

Currently living at her parents’ house, she creates her designs in her studio, which also serves as her bedroom.

The support seems to be never-ending from her mother and father. Her mother helps advertise the drinkware at her grandson’s baseball games, giving brochures out to parents and by carrying around her very own DrinkIn3D with Britoni B product.

“We definitely think she found her calling in life!” Burdett’s mother, Janna Burdett, said.

Constantly having positive support around can be such an inspiration for Burdett.

One benefit to her working from home is she is able to make her own schedule, meaning she isn’t required to be anywhere at 8 a.m. and refrain at 5 p.m. In fact, she finds herself starting around 9 a.m., and sometimes working until 3 a.m.

Burdett tries to fit in an hour a day of leisure time, where she will swim in the backyard pool, go to the gym or paddleboard at the lake nearby.

Procrastinating too long from completing a glass isn’t wise, because the process to finish one glass takes days, due to the three levels of paint required. She also struggles with having to wear all the hats in this business.

“I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day,” Burdett said. “To fill all those roles and manage by myself is a full-time job in itself.”

Shipping is also a challenge and time consuming. As her own boss, she has to make sure the package ships out on time and see that the glasses will arrive promptly and safely. Once the products are out of her hands, problems can arise. If the drink ware does not arrive on time, she must handle it in a professional and prompt manner.

Burdett has successfully painted glasses for Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb from “The Today Show,” and is designing a glass for Gov. Nathan Deal to promote his campaign around election time.

She also paints to raise awareness of diseases including leukemia and breast cancer. Some of her customers have purchased glasses to give away as raffle prizes at breast cancer walks.

In the next three years, Burdett hopes for her brand to expand worldwide and become a household item. She also hopes to have her website completed and for newsletters to be created within the near future.

You can currently find Burdett’s hand-painted drink ware for purchase on social networks including Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Her products are sold at A Southern Style, located in Roswell, Ga. She will also appear on “ManCaves”  shown on the DIY Network later this year.

Burdett took a leap of faith by putting 100 percent of her time into this business and sales are steadily increasing.


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