Orange Theory Fitness offers new workout styles to members


OTF East Cobb studio manager Stacie Brown offers insight on new workout styles
OTF East Cobb studio manager Stacie Brown offers insight on new workout styles

Orange Theory Fitness is one of the more recent workout facilities to appear across the nation, offering an innovative style of interval training.

Fitness guru Ellen Latham opened the Orange Theory Fitness studio in March 2010 in South Florida which exceeded all expectations. There are now over 400 Orange Theory locations across the U.S. and Canada.  Some of the more recent studio openings have been in the Metro Atlanta area.

Orange Theory’s 60-minute workout sessions are filled with high energy encouragement and guidance from trainers accompanied by upbeat music. The high heart-rate-based interval training circulates between cardio, rowing and weight training.

“It’s always fun to me, and I hope the members feel that way as well,” said East Cobb studio manager Stacie Brown. “The interval training along with the after burn is what makes us unique.”

The idea of interval training in general is not a new concept, but this is an easy way for people who are unfamiliar with this workout style to experience it and see results.

The medium-high intensity is usually what seems to lead people to believe that it is similar to more stressful workout methods like CrossFit.

“A lot of people seem to compare us to CrossFit, but we focus more on cardio and less on weight training compared to them,” said Brown.

As the manager of the East Cobb Orange Theory location on Johnson Ferry Road in Marietta for three months now, Brown has already seen a significant rise in new members. Her own personal experience with Orange Theory proves that the program really works.

“I lost almost 30 pounds and five inches off my waistline over the course of about seven months with Orange Theory and eating right.”

East Cobb residents have started to join in on the newest fitness craze,

“The workouts are quick and effective which are perfect for my schedule,” said Orange Theory member Rachael Grosso.  “I have been doing classes at Orange Theory for a few months and have already noticed a difference.”

People are catching on to the group fitness dynamic. Through the use of heart monitors, members are able to not only feel their workout but see what percentage levels they’re performing in to visualize calorie burn.  The theory is to have the jump in heart rate to trick the body into avoiding the consistency of typical workout.

Some drawback to this group dynamic workout is that it can take some time to understand the way the workouts are done. If classes are filled to maximum capacity, 24 people, then it can be harder for members who require more one-on-one interactions with the trainer.  The workouts are different every day and are the same for every Orange Theory anywhere, which can be inconvenient to those seeking specific exercises on a daily basis.

“It is important for our staff to take the time to sit down with each person individually to go over their fitness goals so we can then recommend what sort of regimen would be best for them to achieve those goals,” said Brown. “We try our best to cater to each individual and form a family-like bond.”

People can even keep track of their progress online.

Brown said, “The website will tell you pounds per week, depending on how often you come and how well you eat. I prefer to say you will get more tone and lose inches.”

More and more studies are coming out that show how effective interval training can be on the body and overall health.

“These studies have helped to prove our theory that the orange and green zones are extremely beneficial to after burn effect,” said Brown.

By the consistent growth in locations, it seems that Orange Theory Fitness continues to thrive and gain momentum toward helping the public break through their weight loss plateaus.


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