KSU offers a Counseling and Psychological Services resource for students


College comes with a host of different issues. Kennesaw State University provides access to a resource that can help students with many of them.

Kennesaw State’s Counseling and Psychological Services is helping students get past their obstacles. Free of charge, students can meet one-on-one with licensed professional counselors, social workers and psychologists to get support for any problems they might have.

“We provide different services to any student that is enrolled in the university,” said Elizabeth Neri, case manager for CPS. “One of the main services that we provide is counseling. One on one therapy, talking about a whole range of issues, whatever the student comes with.”

Group counseling is another option that students can consider if they feel more comfortable in that setting.  Counseling and Psychological Services also offers academic counseling for students who are unsure of their career path or just need help with test anxiety.

Counseling and Psychological Services is also home to the CARE center, which is overseen by assistant director, Marcy Stidum.

“CARE is a program for students that are homeless or at risk of being homeless,” said Stidum. “We’ve received statewide and national attention for our program because we are trying to set a model for how people should work with homeless students on campus.”

The program is designed to assist with financial aid and navigate potential resources on and off campus.  It can even provide essentials like toiletries and housing for homeless students.

“We do food stamps, help students get housing, help students get meals, make sure they have the materials necessary to be a good student,” said Neri.

Any currently enrolled Kennesaw State students can make an appointment at Kennesaw Hall. Also available are 30-minute walk in sessions Monday through Thursday from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.


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