Healthier food options coming to Kennesaw area


Due to the most recent shift in nutrition trends, the number of farmers’ markets has doubled in the past 10 years. Health food stores are growing across the country. It seems that more Americans are turning toward healthier food options for their families.

The country’s largest organic supermarket, Whole Foods, has announced its 10th Metro Atlanta location.  Many other health food stores and even local farmers’ markets seem to be thriving due the change in healthier eating and more awareness of the bad nutritional habits.

Kennestone Well-Star registered dietitian, Ashley Matthews, says eating right begins with what you buy at the grocery store.

“The easiest way to have a better diet would be to shop around the perimeter of the grocery store,” said Matthews. “This is where you will find the fruits and veggies, the dairy and the meats and fish. The middle of the store is where the processed junk foods are.”

Matthews says that she’s seen a significant change in the way people she knows shop for foods and how they’ve introduced them into their family’s meals. She encourages all of her patients to buy right to eat right, whether they choose to purchase organically or conventionally.

“Everyone should understand what is involved in a well-balanced meal, like the right amount of grains and lean meats for protein and plenty of vegetables for fiber and nutrients.”

Other Cobb County residents are happy that the organic super market is coming to the Kennesaw area. Kennesaw State University student, Kimia Davar, says she cannot wait until the store opens in 2016.

“My roommate and I are always trying to eat healthier because our schedules can be really stressful and we don’t always have time to exercise every day,” said Davar. “I try to eat organically and sometimes it’s hard to avoid junk at regular grocery stores.”

Some local farmers worry that stores like Whole Foods may take away some of their revenue since much of its products come from larger organic farms from across the country. Whole Foods recently began responding to the organic-vs.-local debate, in which it encourages its customers to buy local. The store will be featuring organic food grown here in Georgia and will become an easier source for more natural foods for Kennesaw residents.


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