Legalization of medical marijuana struggles to become Georgia law


The stance on marijuana in Georgia is rapidly changing. On the books this year was House bill 885 that would have made cannabis oil legal for use by adults and children suffering from certain kinds of seizures.

It was supported in both chambers but the bill stalled in the senate. Legislative leaders are now appointing individuals to further study the legalization of medical marijuana. A couple of Marietta natives certainly hope they at least consider it.

Jacob Griffin is a chronic pain patient who takes Oxycodone to cope with the pain. He tried marijuana for the first time on a recent trip to Colorado and says he thinks it could definitely improve his lifestyle.

“I don’t know if I was just high and that made me forget about the pain, or if it actually stopped it, but I think one way or the other we need to give medical marijuana a shot to help people,” said Griffin.

Griffin is not the only one who is behind medical marijuana. Zach Sanders of Marietta is also looking forward to the day that marijuana is legalized.  Sanders believes the only reason it has yet to be legalized is the monopoly that pharmaceutical companies and health professionals have on treating cancer.

“Would you want something to put you out of business of you were making over 160 billion dollars a year on it?” said Sanders. “Scientists have proved in tests on lab rats that T-H-C kills cancer cells, and the only reason it hasn’t been proved in humans is because pharmaceutical companies are keeping it illegal.”

Sanders went on to say that curing cancer is not the only reason for the legalization of marijuana. Many thousands of patients have already found relief for everything from insomnia to Tourette’s Syndrome. The bill will have to revisit the chambers within the next year to face a revote on the issue.



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