Scottish Rite Hospital forced to add more parking spaces for patients and visitors


Parking is becoming increasingly difficult at Scottish Rite Hospital in Dunwoody. After receiving numerous parking complaints, the hospital is now set to build a new parking deck.

Scottish Rite parking has become a nightmare. People are getting into fender benders, and many are parking illegally to visit their sick loved ones.  There is virtually no spare parking space available anywhere.  Construction on a new parking deck began several days ago and will be completed by October of this year.

“The current parking situation here is far from adequate,” says Torrey Helton, security control assistant for parking at Scottish Rite.” We get at least half dozen complaints a day, and we’ve even had a few people try to file lawsuits against the hospital. People are having a difficult time getting in to see their ill loved ones, and it’s a situation that is causing a lot of frustration. This new deck will solve all of these problems.”

Now that construction is underway, those with pending lawsuits have dropped their cases given the hospital has taken appropriate corrective action.

The new parking deck will have a thousand-car capacity and will be humidity controlled and security monitored.

“All patients and families are being instructed to continue using the old deck,” said Christy Prince, security control officer at Scottish Rite. “We also have a shuttle service free of charge available from Perimeter Mall every thirty minutes until the new deck is built.”

The new deck being built is putting many families at Scottish Rite at ease.  Now those who were previously struggling to find parking to see their sick loved ones may be able to quickly park in the future. Construction of the new deck began on July first and will continue 12 hours a day, seven days a week.  It is scheduled for completion on October 18th.


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