Local restaurant holds 2nd annual bartending competition to raise money for Maynard Youth Foundation


T.G.I Friday’s is preparing for a regional bar championship, including all of the chain’s restaurants in the Atlanta area.

Each year, T.G.I Friday’s restaurants partake in a bar championship. First, there is a store-level championship. The store winners in specific regions then come together and compete, all while raising money for charity.

The proceeds from the competition benefit the Maynard Jackson Youth Foundation, which is a foundation close to the restaurants employees’ hearts. The family of the former Atlanta mayor, Maynard Jackson, owns all of the Atlanta area T.G.I Friday’s locations.

“Bar champs is a great event for people of all ages who are looking to have a good time and raise money for a great cause,” said Philip Hathcock, bar manager of the Kennesaw TGI Friday’s.

This year is the second regional competition in a row for bartender Billy Casey who says he really enjoys participating in the fundraising event.

“It’s so awesome to see all the tricks that other amazing bartenders know, while showcasing your own,” said Casey.” You’re the center of attention while you’re performing and the audience is raising money for underprivileged children, so you have no choice but to put on a good show.”

Competing bartenders will have seven minutes to create three drinks while a disc jockey plays their chosen theme music. They will be judged on the precise use of ingredients, efficiency of bottle flair and engagement with the crowd.

Raffles and give-a-ways will also be taking place during the event.

There are a total of four stores participating in the Atlanta area competition. These are the Town Center, Stonecrest, Camp Creek and Southlake locations.

The event is expected to bring in a large crowd with followings from each participating store.



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