Adult Learners at KSU have opportunity to join adult learner programs

It’s no secret that we live in a world full of opportunity, second chances and never-ending potential, and the saying “it’s never too late to create a new beginning” is well-known to most. Kennesaw State University’s Adult Learner Program exemplifies this common belief in many ways.
Lifelong Learning Center
The Lifelong Learning Center is located in the KSU Student Center, Room 261.
The Lifelong Learning Center is located in the KSU Student Center, Room 261.
The most beneficial aspect of the Adult Learner Program is the physical center on campus where nontraditional students can gather, said Veronica Jones, coordinator of Academic Tutoring Support Services and supervisor of the Lifelong Learning Center at KSU.
“Not to toot our own horn, but I think the Lifelong Learning Center is a great place because it’s actually a physical space that nontraditional students can come to and have a cup of coffee, have their lunch between classes, and sit down and do group work. They can do any number of things here, and interface with and connect with other nontraditional aged students,” Jones said.
Jones places such a great deal of emphasis on the Lifelong Learning Center because it is something that sets KSU apart from many other universities that may have programs and networking tools in place for nontraditional students but do not have a center where nontraditional students can gather.

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