KSU MEBUS program teams up with esteemed event company to create student opportunities


Kennesaw State University’s Joel A. Katz Music and Entertainment Business Program, MEBUS, has recently collaborated with the event company Accurate Event Group.

Accurate Event Group is an event company that provides services including security, staffing, ticketing, parking, cleaning, and much more. This collaboration between Accurate Event Group and Kennesaw State University offers students of the program a chance to gain real-world experience in the work force by completing an internship with the company. This also allows Accurate Event Group a chance to tap into the college marketplace.

“Accurate Event Group has been active for over 30 years,” said Teresa Samaras, marketing manager of Accurate Event Group. “The Atlanta office is new though, and has only been active since last December.”

Samaras has been with Accurate Event Group for about seven months now. She is an alumna of KSU MEBUS. Once graduated in 2013, she immediately began working for the Accurate Event Group. She and the company both have hopes in the program to continue to grow so that it can continue to hire interns from MEBUS.

“I am pleased with Accurate Event Group because I am given immense responsibilities for an entry-level position,” said Samaras.” I am excited to see what the future holds with Accurate Event Group.”

Ciara Schwartz is a part of the MEBUS program at KSU and sees the benefits of interning with such an esteemed company.

“I think it will benefit me in finding a job with public relations because I’ve had a variety of job responsibilities including anything from social media to event coordinating and marketing,” said Schwartz.

Accurate Event Group is helping students of Kennesaw State by offering internships while advancing as a company, as well.

“Kennesaw is benefitting because the students are getting work experience,” said Schwartz. “Accurate Event Group is benefitting because the interns provide them with new ideas and help them integrate into the college market.”

This partnership has proven beneficial for both the students of Kennesaw State University’s MEBUS program and Accurate Event Group. The future seems bright for both parties in this new endeavor.



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