Kennesaw State University Adult Learner Student Organization assists the concerns for adult learners on campus


In addition to an Adult Learner Program and a Lifelong Learning Center on campus, there is also an Adult Learner Student Organization at Kennesaw State University.

Addressing the issues and concerns of adult learners and generating awareness are key purposes of the organization. Membership is free and available to any student, faculty member or staff member with a passion for the issues that KSU adult learners face.

The Adult Learner Student Organization defines an adult learner as anyone who is over the age of 25, is a veteran, is returning to school after four or more years and/or is assuming multiple roles, such as parent, employee, etc. A membership application can be found on the group’s website and must be submitted in the Lifelong Learning Center.

Although the Adult Learner Program, Lifelong Learning Center and the student organization each serve a different purpose for nontraditional students at KSU, these three resources are very closely intertwined.

“ALSO functions as a student group, so, whereas we are closely related to them and we assist them, they are run by students solely. But most of their members you’ll find here in the Lifelong Learning Center,” said Veronica Jones, coordinator of Academic Tutoring Support Center and supervisor of the Lifelong Learning Center.

Members of the student organization host monthly meetings and participate in events throughout each semester. Most recently, ALSO hosted the 17th annual Association forNontraditional Students in Higher Education Conference. The conference focuses on the challenges nontraditional students face and ways to alleviate some of these challenges.

All of the resources and assistance offered to nontraditional students on KSU’s campus truly sets the university apart from other universities.

Patty Pergl, a KSU students in her 50s who has attended the university since 2007, said she was aware of the Adult Student Learner Organization.

“The challenge with that is they have all of these offerings, but the problem is fitting the time in to actually make time to go there and talk to someone,” said Pergl.


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