KSU’s communication department holds its second annual colloquium for students


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Have a strong social media presence, recent graduates of the Communications Department at Kennesaw State University told current students during the department’s second annual communication colloquium on Thursday, Sept. 25.

The colloquium featured KSU alumni and other experts from all realms of the professional communications field. They were grouped and placed on panels to answer questions from communication students and to inform them of the role communication plays from a professional standpoint.

The night began with a quick welcome and thanks from Dean Robin Dorff and head of the communication department, Barbara Gainey.

The  keynote panel featured  Knox Bardeen from Fox Sports South, Miguel Sepulveda from Cohn & Wolfe, Lindsey Tulkoff from Secop, Inc., and Haley Kilpatrick from Girl Talk.

Keynote panel speaks at the KSU Colloquium. Photo by Caley Chastain
Keynote panel speaks at the KSU Colloquium. Photo by Caley Chastain

With Gainey as the moderator, the panel spoke  about what courses were their favorite at KSU, what skills they’ve had to utilize in their careers that they wished they had focused on as a student, as well as how important it is to be aware of their social media presence.

Many of the panelists had tips regarding social media presence.

“Make sure your voice comes through powerfully on social media,” said Bardeen. “Have an opinion and have some fun.”

“Protect yourself,” said Tulkoff. “If you have to think twice to yourself about posting something, you probably shouldn’t.”

After the keynote panel was a brief time for networking and refreshments provided by Chick-fil-A before attendees filed away into their first of two one-hour concurrent breakout sessions.

The sessions covered topics such as branding yourself online for your career, sports communication, global communication, entertainment communication, and the future of journalism. Each session was made up of a panel of communication experts specific to each topic.

In each panel, the professionals ultimately stressed the importance of writing skills and professionalism in the workplace in order to land a job interview. They provided insight of what employers are looking for when they are hiring a new intern or employee.

“No matter what you decide to do, writing is the one thing you’re going to always have to do,” Sepulveda said in the opening session. “People will always judge you on that.”

The benefit of the colloquium is to provide the attendees an inside look of what it takes to be successful with their future communication degree.

Each panelist in the opening session was a graduate of KSU and was once sitting in the same seats as the students. They related their experiences and gave their thoughts on what they could have done differently to be more successful at their position, providing the attendees with tips of how to successfully market themselves for a future job interview.



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