Colloquium panelists stress students to be aware of the ever-changing world of journalism


With an ever-changing world in journalism, keeping up with the most current news can be difficult for a communication professional.

At the Future of Journalism session at Kennesaw State University’s Communication ’14 Colloquium, three  experts from newspaper, television, and magazine print, explained to students the importance of keeping up with the changing landscape of the journalism profession.

“Be willing to learn,” said Angela Tuck from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “You’re going to have to be flexible and willing to keep learning.”

Alongside Tuck on the panel was Jodie Fleischer, investigative reporter for WSB-TV and Rebecca Burns, editor for Atlanta Magazine. Topics discussed focused on the future of journalism and what students can expect the future of the occupation to be like.

Fleischer spoke about how one of the biggest changes in the world of journalism was that everything is demanded at the earliest moment.

“It’s all about who gets it first,” she said. “It has changed how we think about our day.”

Even though it is important for journalists to break news as soon as possible, Burns stresses the significance of long stories and for communication professionals to take the time and dedication to write a long piece because they are just as important as short ones.

“You have to make the long stories a priority,” she said. “People will make time to read what they care about.”

When entering the world of journalism, the panelists emphasized the important of internships and how taking the initiative is always beneficial.

An internship could possibly land the student a job and it is great practice to what to expect when they enter the communications field. It is an opportunity for them to put all of the skills they learned in the classroom to the test in real-world situations.

“Having innate curiosity is something we always look at when hiring interns,” said Fleischer. “People want to see the dedication and it proves that you are willing to make anything happen.”



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