Global communicators shed light on importance of communications degree from a cultural standpoint


Communication is a universal skillset that stretches all over the world. No matter where a person is or a business stands, communication abilities are always important.

At the Global Communication panel at the Kennesaw State University  Communication ’14 Colloquium, professionals that have the role of communicating all over the globe explain the importance of the major in a business setting.

“We forget that some people around the world have their own priorities in life and by not listening, they may not get the intended message,” said Dan Rutz from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  “That’s where communications is important.”

Rutz shared the panel with Heather Clave’ who is from the French Consulate, Paul Dusseault from Fleishmann-Hillard, Peggy Gardner from UPS, and Ximena Juncosta from ADP Payroll Services.

Clave’ explained to students how her job in the communication field is imperative to diplomacy in France.

“We disseminate information happening in international affairs,” she said. “We promote France and try to show that they are all about innovation. Communication is crucial.”

Rutz explained the difficulties that he faces on a daily basis in the medical field in a cultural setting.

When dealing with the Ebola crisis, he faced problems where certain cultures would take part in rituals after a person has passed from the disease. In the ritual, tribes would show affection to the body, which could allow the virus to spread. Working with the CDC, Rutz had the responsibility to provide treatment support, but also be careful not to cross any cultural lines by interrupting important ceremonies.

“I have to show respect for the culture but also show them the dangers of their rituals,” he said.  “It can be difficult at times but important.”

When applying for jobs in the communication field, the professionals gave the students some insight on what is important when an applicant submits a resume to work with them.

“You need to stand out,” said Juncosta. “You have to have the ability to be flexible to the environment that you’re in and bring in your unique skill set.”

‘Walk the walk and talk the talk,” said Rutz. “Position yourself so you can have something on your resume that makes you stand out.”

“That’s why activities are important,” responds Gardner. “Even if it is just creating a blog, do something to get your name out there.”



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