Atlanta sports teams offer internships to KSU students


Kennesaw State University is located just minutes away from some Atlanta’s professional sports teams. The Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Beat and Atlanta Falcons are four of Georgia’s most elite sports teams. They are not only the pride of the city, but of the entire state.

Kennesaw State Students are given the opportunity to fill many open internship positions offered through these powerhouse sports teams.

These internship opportunities are given to students that meet the requirements and are chosen by the organization.

Kennesaw State University equips its students with the ability to thrive in these positions.

“My career would never be what it is today if it was not for the internship with the Atlanta Braves that Kennesaw State University offered to its students through my major,” said Carlos Sanchez, a former Braves employee and Kennesaw State alumnus. “For many students, applying for jobs can be very difficult, but having internships under your belt helps you become more prepared in the real world.”

Kennesaw State University is not only offering these internships to its students, but it is allowing students to work in an internship for course hours. Internships with these elite Atlanta teams are allowing students to earn course hours and gain knowledge of the workforce all while getting to support their favorite sports teams.


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