KSU students gaining new hangout spot near campus


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Otter’s Chicken, a locally owned restaurant specializing in all things chicken, will be expanding to a new location close to Kennesaw State University.

Otter’s is a family friendly, sports-oriented restaurant that serves appetizers, meals and desserts, as well as beer and wine. Currently there is only one Otter’s open, which is located in the West Cobb Avenue in Marietta. Owner Will Peterson is ready to start the expansion of his business by opening an Otter’s that he hopes will draw in the college-aged crowd.

Location, Location, Location

“The current location is more of a family friendly atmosphere, whereas the new location will be more college student friendly,” said Peterson.

The exact location of the new Otter’s is still in question but Peterson does have a few locations in mind. With KSU continually growing Peterson says an ideal location would be somewhere close to KSU or close to where there is student housing. Because location plays a key role in the success of a restaurant it may take some time to find the perfect location.

“The new location of Otter’s is expected to be open within the next year,” said Peterson.

High Quality

Otter’s Chicken prides itself not only on its food quality, but also its quality of customer service. Employees work to create a friendly environment to ensure that all customers feel welcome all of the time. The high quality customer service is a result of the owner’s style of leadership.

Jenna Hodges, a student at KSU, has worked as the manager of Otter’s for two and a half years. Hodges will also help manage the second location of Otter’s once it is open. Hodges sees herself continuing work at Otter’s for the foreseeable future because she loves the owner’s style of leadership.

Jenna Hodges, manager of Otter's Chicken, plans to help manage the new location. Photo by Hannah Pero.
Jenna Hodges, manager of Otter’s Chicken, plans to help manage the new location. Photo by Hannah Pero.

“I like that he cares about the details of Otter’s,” said Hodges. “There are so many little things that people don’t notice, but it’s the little things that make a restaurant great and not just good.”


The menu at Otter’s provides a variety of ways to order chicken tenders (fried, grilled, or tossed in a wing sauce) and also has chicken wings. Other items on the menu include wraps, sandwiches, fried pickles and much more. Desserts include a variety of cheesecakes and key lime pies homemade by one of Otter’s own cooks. Otter’s also has a separate catering menu great for tailgates and parties.

Otter’s was recently named one of Cobb’s Top 25 Small Businesses of the Year for 2014 by the Cobb Chamber of Commerce.

Otter’s Chicken is not only a place to stop and eat at, but it is a place where people can hang out and unwind with friends. Peterson and Hodges will bring this fun and friendly atmosphere to the second location of Otter’s and hopefully more to come.


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