V103 and CBS raise money for charity with Hosea Williams


V-103 radio station and CBS television network participate in the Hosea Feed the Hungry charity every Christmas.

Mikkel Ottey, an assistant marketing producer, and Reggie Rouse, lead marketing producer, give an insight to the charity work done each holiday.

Feed the Hungry is a very well-known charity located in Atlanta that involves a big turkey dinner on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day for the poor and homeless. Every holiday the charity tries to do its best to bring the community together to help out others in need.

Feed the Hungry always has such a wonderful turn out and because it is so prevalent that even celebrities come to help spread the kindness.

The team for the charity is much larger than what Ottey is used to because it is such a recognized organization. It brings in a lot of celebrities and many other local volunteers to help out. Everyone works together to make a difference in peoples lives.

Rouse is the lead coordinator for all charity work done at V-103 and CBS. The two networks are constantly giving back to the community from free tickets to events to feeding the hungry, to sending care packages to families in need.

“Charity work is one of my passions,” said Rouse. “Not only does it help out the community but it gives a great feeling to people who volunteer as well.”

Rouse explains that, although it is a requirement for employees to participate, most would do the charity work regardless. It is something that brings their company together.

Not only do they feed the hungry but they also have some fun with it.  Sometimes they will have dance contests, play games and other events where the volunteers, families in need, and whoever wants to participate join in.

“It is such a rewarding experience to know that I made a difference in someone’s life that truly needed it,” Ottey said.


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