V103 radio producer balances work and play with busy schedule


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Mikkel Ottey, who works for V103.3 radio station and CBS television network, has an extremely hectic work schedule with his many tasks.

Ottey is a marketing production assistant to the television network and the radio station. As anyone can imagine, having television and radio networks to manage can get extremely stressful. Ottey stays on top of it all. Ottey has been with the company for a year now and would like to take on even more tasks as he grows with the company. He has a long-term goal to become a radio personality with V-103 radio station.

Working with production means everything is moving quickly and a producer does not get a lot of notice on segments that are supposed to be aired. News is news because it happens at that moment. This is a fast-paced environment for anyone no matter how much someone prepares. Ottey said they might have two hours to prepare a segment that must be aired on time.

“Making sure things air correctly and air on time are probably the most difficult part of my job,” said Ottey.

Mikkel Ottey, marketing production assistant, poses for photo in the V103 studio. Photo by Alan Lewis.
Mikkel Ottey, marketing production assistant, poses for photo in the V103 studio. Photo by Alan Lewis.

Working in this industry may come with a lot of stress but there is also plenty benefits aside from health care that can really be a huge treat. Ottey gets early releases to music, television, and movie premieres to review them and to set up segments to speak out live. Many people search for tickets to get to premieres and hack Internet sites to find CDs before they are released and Ottey has full access to all of these legally.

Multi-Tasking Ottey

Ottey has tasks of making sure the people he works with are also happy. He works with a lot of celebrities, which can be a stressful task alone. Ottey explains that they have a lot of expectations and when they are not done correctly it not only makes him look bad but the network and radio station as well.

Preparing the dressing room for the celebrities consists of at least five people to make sure the food, drinks, music and other miscellaneous requirements are done on time and correctly.

Ottey works primarily with a team with his many obstacles. There are multiple team members assigned to different tasks to make everything flow in the end, from celebrity tasks to preparing segments and also working with the charity Hosea Feed The Hungry.

Reggie Rouse is the program director at V-103 for the Hosea Feed The Hungry charity event every Christmas.

“Christmas time is my favorite time of the year because we all participate in this amazing food drive,” Rouse said. “Sometimes I feel as though the food drive helps my team just as much as the homeless. Makes everyone really appreciate everything we all take for granted every day.”

Behind the Scenes

Ottey also helps coordinate events sponsored by V-103. Making sure the events run smoothly and the company is represented exactly as he is ordered can be difficult.

Sometimes Ottey gets to the events and they are not set up anything like the station has asked, which means Ottey and his team has to hurry to get it just the way it is supposed to so that nothing comes back on him.

“Most of my stress comes from events because I have to make sure they all go perfectly and if they don’t, no matter how many people are involved I am the only one who will suffer,” Ottey said.

As a team they accomplish it and get everything set correctly.


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